Participants will have the opportunity to work and hone their skills with their respective adjudicators in open-masterclasses.

Open-Masterclasses with Adjudicators (Solo, Chamber, Composition)

  • Interested participants must first indicate their interest by checking off the box in the online Festival registration form. As places are very limited, only a limited number of registrants (received according to queue) will be given the slot.
  • Successful participants will be notified the date and time in due course. They will be assigned to one of their adjudicators who have heard them perform.
  • Eligibility will be on a first-come-first serve basis and upon the availability of the adjudicators.
  • The masterclass will take place after their performances, on the same day or the following day.
  • The space will be confirmed only upon payment. If payment is not received within the payment period, the space will then be given to the next participant in queue, and so on. Do register early for the Festival to stand a chance of getting a slot.
  • If both of your adjudicators are fully booked, we will assign you to the next available adjudicator upon your agreement. Otherwise a full refund will be given.

Masterclass Fees

Duration: 30 minutes
Participant Fees: $100
Observers: Free admission

Note (June 5)
If you have indicated interest in taking masterclass, we have reserved a spot for you already. The fee of SGD100 is payable at the registration desk. Upon payment, the time allocation will be given.