To encourage and promote a lifelong love of music by extending musical performance from the teaching studio to the concert stage

To nurture and instil interest and to widen music awareness

For parents to enjoy and BE PART of their children's musical growth
Benefits for the Student
  • Motivate yourself towards a goal, at your own capacity and pace
  • Broaden your repertoire and playing skills
  • Widen your interest and develop a passion for music
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Experience the whole process of performance preparation and performing in a real concert setting
  • Learn to promote yourself and garner audience to support your performance
  • Interact and learn from fellow performers
Benefits for the Teacher
  • Showcase your students in a public setting
  • Help set realistic and achievable goals for each individual student
  • Stretch each student to his/her fullest potential
  • For students to explore a wide music repertoire beyond the confines of music exams
  • Use the Festival as an opportunity for professional development and recognition